ArcSight FlexConnector creation process

Bespoke log collection with a custom built HP ArcSight FlexConnector. A FlexConnector is a custom SmartConnector that you define to gather security events from log files, databases, and other software and devices.

original?v=mpbl 1&px= 1 - ArcSight FlexConnector creation process

Contact us with your requirements.

FlexConnector process:

  • Submit your log sample and device details.
  • Provide any vendor / support documentation as required.
  • We will create a FlexConnector to meet your requirements.
  • We will provide documentation and installation instructions and offer full support to get you up and running.

Available FlexConnectors are:

  • Log file FlexConnector for reading fixed-format log files
  • Regular expression FlexConnector for reading variable-format log files
  • Regular expression FlexConnectors for recursively reading variable-format log files in a folder or multiple folders
  • FlexConnector for reading log files of multiple formats in different folders
  • Time-based and ID-based database FlexConnectors for reading the latest security events from a database
  • Multi-database FlexConnector for reading events from multiple databases
  • Simple Network Management Protocol FlexConnector for gathering events from SNMP traps
  • Syslog FlexConnector for reading events from Syslog messages
  • Extensible Markup Language (XML) FlexConnector for recursively reading events from XML-based files in a folder
  • Scanner FlexConnector to import the scan results from a scanner device
  • REST FlexConnector that uses REST API endpoints, JSON parser, and OAuth2 authentication to collect security events from cloud vendors (such as Box, Salesforce, or Google Apps).